STEM Education at OBK

With the power of our strong belief in what is being done, clear vision, careful planning, noticeable attention to students’ interests and potentials, using technology, and great team of leaders and instructors…


Exceptional inspiration and infinite support of our Mother Association, AL Makassed; the journey of one thousand miles has begun!!!!

Coding and STEM Education sessions have been initiated at Makassed OBK College as part of Cycles Three and Four curriculum.

OBK College is the first (and only) school in Lebanon to pilot Coding and STEM in an initiative to apply those programs as regular academic subjects, an endeavor to prepare lifelong learners with proficient STEM literacy. Since we believe that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics- STEM, are vital to our students’ future and pervade every aspect of their lives, shaping their everyday experiences, a special syllabus has been designed, and expert teachers have been trained to assist young learners in developing life skills through authentic STEM situations.

Since powerful dreams inspire powerful action, STEM Education and Coding have become a challenge for OBK students who explore the realms of those programs in a special lab which has been prepared for this purpose.

Now, our STEM and Coding classes are functioning smoothly and steadily, with remarkable results.

At OBK College, we take everyday challenges in our stride and strive to make a journey of school life exceptional and, by all means, memorable.