Microsoft in Education- World Read Aloud Day 2018

Believing in the importance of reading aloud and the collaboration with schools around the world, OBK students in Cycles I, II, & III participated in World Read Aloud Day 2018 activities that took place on February 1st. 
In Cycle I, second graders read aloud and acted out the story “Henry & Mudge”. They created a video and shared it with the world on Twitter using the hashtag #WRADSkype. Our students are now spending some time watching videos from all the other participating classes around the globe.

In Cycle II, sixth graders were partnered with a class at Clayburn Middle School in Canada (Ms. Olson’s class). Classes took turns reading their favorite picture books to their partners. Due to time difference, videos were taped and exchanged using Flipgrid.



In Cycle III, eighth and ninth graders participated in a global literacy peace project in which Skype in the Classroom and Buncee have joined forces to celebrate World Read Aloud Day. 
We believe that words have the power to change our world. Reading and writing have the power to build bridges, foster understanding, and spark ideas. For World Read Aloud Day2018, Skype in the Classroom and Buncee asked schools to join classrooms from all around the world to celebrate literacy by coming together to read and write poems that promote and spread peace.
Our students collaborated via Skype with the International Islamic University Islamabad Schools -Latifabad Campus, in Pakistan (Dr. Adnan Ashraf’s class) and Ramjas School in New Delhi, India (Ms. Seema Duggal’s class), reciting poems to each other.

Our hope is to use this project to motivate OBK students to read, write, and create their own stories to share with others for years to come, giving them a more in-depth global experience.