OBKC Library 
“Building a knowledge-driven community for the future”

In its belief that the school library impacts a pupil’s academic achievement as well as his or her developing personality, Al Makassed Omar Bin Al Khattab College renovated its library during the academic year 2017—2018 to encompass a wide variety of books on various subjects, including history, geography, environment, science, literature, etc. These books are made available to the pupils to increase their knowledge and understanding of the world around them and aide them in their search for authentic knowledge. The library, also, includes a database for digital resources and enables pupils to access a number of international libraries where grades 11 and 12 pupils can find references for their research-essays, while upper elementary and intermediate pupils can use various resources for their oral fluency presentations.
The school librarian plays an important role at OBKC in guiding the pupils during their search for books that meet their interest and level of education. The school librarian, also, holds reading circles and story time sessions for the pupils during the breaks of the day where pupils can develop literacy, widen their horizons and develop their creativity and imagination. Reading at the library is important to OBKC pupils as well because it assists in building their reservoir of vocabulary and enables their smoother comprehension of reading selections and texts on various topics. 
Language teachers have a role at the library as they communicate and coordinate with the school librarian to reinforce reading comprehension strategies and test-taking skills. In regular weekly sessions, the pupils focus on specific reading strategies and borrow stories to analyze and discuss with their teachers and peers. 
OBKC library offers the pupils a study area where they can prepare for their tests, finish their research, or simply do their homework in a peaceful environment without any disturbances.