OBKC History

Al Makassed Omar Bin AL Khattab School, previously known as Al Rammel Preparatory School, was founded in 1931 by Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut. Initially founded to cater for the educational as well as vocational needs of the male Lebanese citizens, especially the local community of Tareek Jadeeda, the school also included departments for sewing and tailoring, shoe-making, electrical wiring, and typing besides a printing press, which could fulfill all books and printable needs of all the schools that belonged to Al Makassed at that time.

During its first year in Beirut, Al Makassed Omar Bin Al Khattab School welcomed nearly 487 pupils with a renowned group of educators that included Moustapha Fathalla, Saleem Oweini, Yussuf Al Yaseer, Abdel Hameed Sidani, Ahmad Ajouz, Adel Ghalawanji, Kamal Lababidi, Sami Abu Shakra, Fadel Harakeh, and Abdul Hafeez Ladki. 

In 1935, Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut amassed all grade six pupils from different Makassed schools in one class at Makassed Omar Bin AL Khattab School. The total number of the pupils was 30, all of which sat for comprehensive exams set by the Ministry of Education and passed. Seven pupils from grade seven, also, sat for the same exam and passed. 

Between 1958 and 1960, one of the founders of the Association of Righteousness and Charity (AL Bir wal Ihsan) conferred with one of the founders of Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut, and both associations affiliated to move the pupils from the old building of Al Makassed Omar Bin Al Khattab School to Beirut Arab University, known at that time as Egyptian University, for two years until the old school building is brought down and rebuilt to modern standards to enlarge its campus so it would accommodate more pupils from Tareek Jadeeda and neighboring areas and open its intermediate and high school departments.    

Today, after nearly 90 years of its founding, Al Makassed Omar Bin AL Khattab College remains the symbol for inspiration and motivation as it welcomes around 1400 pupils nearly from pre-school through grade 12 from various socio-economic backgrounds, giving the opportunity to all to thrive and prosper. 

In 2015-2016, Al Makassed Omar Bin Al Khattab College was awarded the International School Award (ISA). 

In 2017, three accomplishments were made. Coding and STEM Education sessions were initiated at Al Makassed Omar Bin Al Khattab College (OBKC) as part of Cycles Three and Four curriculum, making OBKC the first (and only) school in Lebanon to pilot Coding and STEM in an initiative to apply those programs as regular academic subjects, an endeavor to prepare lifelong learners with proficient STEM literacy. A special syllabus was designed, and expert teachers were trained to assist young learners in developing life skills through authentic STEM situations. In the same year, OBKC established a LEGO Club where students’ training enabled them to win the second place among schools across Lebanon in the First Lego League (FLL), and get the “Presentation Award”. Last, OBKC pupils won in I Raspberry F1 Competition when they presented their “Virtual Eye” and joined “Arduino (ARD) Course” to improve their invention and design “Smart Traffic Lights”. Later, OBKC pupils participated in “Lebanon Science Fair” or “Mubarat Al Ouloum”, and upon winning, they got the PATENT for their invention.