Mission, Vision & Core Values

Mission Statement

Al-Makassed Omar Bin Al-Khattab College strives to provide a balanced and modern quality education based on and committed to moral, spiritual, and humane values and principles. The school helps equip its young learners with basic skills of scientific learning endowed with responsibility, critical thinking, self-monitoring and readiness to adapt to the adamant changes of the now.
Our sole objective is to meet the aspirations of young people and their individualistic, social as well as national needs.

Vision Statement

Al-Makassed Omar Bin Al-Khattab College aspires to provide a balanced quality education within a rich academic environment that empowers learners to acquire scientific and tech-savvy skills while demonstrating their commitment to Islamic, national, as well as humanitarian core principles and values.
Our learners are quite conscious of the pressing concerns of today’s world and the Arab culture, in specific, and readily adaptive to the rapid technological growth and advancement in today’s world.

Core Values 

Our core values are central beliefs that are clearly understood and shared by every member of Al-Makassed Omar Bin Al-Khattab College community. They are woven into every academic and extra-curricular activity. 

1. Compassion: An OBKC learner understands the circumstances and viewpoints of others, empathizes with others, develops the capacity to forgive others and one’s self, celebrates the contributions of others and promotes a peaceful, caring and safe community. 
2. Integrity:  An OBKC learner stands up for what he or she believes, is honest with him- or herself and others, demonstrates fairness in his or her judgments and actions, and fulfills commitments and promises.
3. Respect: An OBKC learner honors self and others through words and actions, values all members of the school community, displays good manners at all times, displays tolerance of others with different points of view and beliefs, and shows respect for the school buildings, facilities and surrounding environment.
4. Citizenship: An OBKC learner makes good decisions and choices, uses his or her energy in a positive way, follows the rules of family, school, and community and cooperates with others to improve the environment.
5. Innovation: An OBKC learner values and nurtures curiosity, imagination, creativity, experimentation and perseverance when faced with challenges, is highly motivated, and views collaboration as an opportunity to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).
6. Responsibility: An OBKC learner is reliable and trustworthy, takes ownership of our behavior as individuals, has the courage to think and act independently, and demonstrates problem - solving and decision-making skills.
7. Perseverance: An OBKC learner does his or her best and strives for excellence, sticks with an activity until it is finished, attempts to complete assignments even if they are challenging, is willing to make a continuing, patient effort, and  becomes self-disciplined.
8. Cooperation: An OBKC learner works together with others in their home life, community, and school, makes good decisions and choices, has positive relationships with family, teachers, and peers, understands that cooperation is a process, not a program, and helps bring out the BEST in all by working together.