About the Division

It is important to note that in our early education facility, our teachers have knowledge of the cultural supports for the language and literacy learning of our children and their families. 

They have sufficient skills in guiding small groups of children in order to give full attention to individual young children’s language and literacy efforts. They are able to draw out shy children and help impulsive ones begin to listen to others as well as to speak. 

We ensure to arrange environments that are symbol rich and interesting without being overwhelming to our children. Even the simplest exchange becomes a literacy lesson when it includes the warmth of a relationship coupled with words, their concepts, and perhaps a graphic symbol. 

Our preschool environment encourages children to develop greater self-esteem and respect for others. In addition, it provides a place for each child to explore and engage in free and imaginative play.

Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.