HOD Message (Cycle II )

As our children grow and transition from one stage to another, we watch, praise and celebrate their successes and guide their flaws. The days they spend among their friends in preschool and the sounds of their laughter as they blossom are engraved in our memories. Their needs are catered for and warmly embraced by their teachers in Cycle I. However, before they step into teenage, leave behind their childhood and attend to the demands of a tough world in Cycles III and IV, our children have to pass through Cycle II. 

Cycle II at OBK, however, is not simply a transitional stage for our growing children. It is also a crucial station where we, a professional team which comprises of the coordinators, teachers and supervisors, supported by the head of cycle and school director, ensure through an organized atmosphere, the achievement of a balanced education that develops a well-rounded child, eligible to live in a fast-paced world, with ever-developing technology. We are committed as well to safeguarding the values and traditions of this society, whose children we teach and nurture, keeping in mind the uniqueness of the Lebanese situation on a variety of aspects. 

In this advanced world, where education has become a spirit of its own, a living embodiment of every active and interactive means of communication of civilization, culture, thought and creativity, Cycle II team aspires this scholastic year to explore the realms of educational technology and integrate it with the everyday instruction by proceeding in our role as monitors and facilitators of acquisition of true learning, helping our students develop critical thinking and engaging them in a variety of curricular, co- and extra-curricular activities. 

With the guidance and supervision of the director, Cycle II team will cooperate and unite to make the big picture clear to parents and generalize the notion that success is an individual as well as a team effort. 

Mrs. Haifaa M. Derian
Head of Cycle Two - OBK