HOD Message ( Cycle IV )

Dear Cycle IV learners,

The road to success - while worth every step - is long and there are times along the way when you need a “pick-me-up”. For some people, reading an inspirational book is enough motivation to strive for achieving their dreams. Others seek the guidance of a mentor, like a teacher, to spur their drive for success. No matter where your inspiration comes from, remember that seeking encouragement from external sources is a valid and natural part of the success process.

OBK staff, administrators and teachers, in collaboration with your parents, are ready to “pick you up” when needed. We will always do our best to arm you with a Makassed diploma and all the necessary tools to embark on a meaningful life, a life meant to learn, to love, to serve : to live.

Working together as a TEAM at OBK, we ensure that every one of you walks away with a meaningful and rewarding educational experience that makes you proud to say you graduated from Al-Makassed Omar Bin Al-Khattab College.


Mrs. Sawsan Madi Akoum

Head of Cycles III & IV