The Building

  • Al-Makassed Omar Bin Al-Khattab College is a school which caters for approximately 1400 students (K-12).
  • The school building has three blocks.
  • OBK  has 10 classrooms for the Preschool, 24 for Elementary School (Cycles One and Two), and 14 for Middle and Secondary Schools.
  • As well as these classrooms for general teaching, there are three ICT Laboratories, a Science Laboratory, an Audio Visual Room, and two Art Rooms.
  • The school also has a hall for assemblies and meetings, a School Library, and a Theater.
  •  The School Library supports the curriculum, promotes literacy development, and fosters lifelong reading habits among children through the development of carefully selected print collections and the infusion of educational technology.
  •  OBK has four playgrounds and two Canteens for students.
  •  Every classroom in Cycles Three and Four is equipped with an interactive whiteboard to enhance teaching and learning since technology is becoming an increasingly larger part of the educational setting and today’s students live with technology in every aspect of their lives.
  •  There are separate offices for the School Principal, Heads of Cycles, Supervisors, and Secretaries, and Cashiers.
  •  OBK has also a Parent’s Meeting Room, a modern Copy Center, and two Coordinators’ Rooms. 

School Trips and Events

  • OBK conducts a number of academically centered trips within the academic year.
  • The school celebrates occasions and international days on our campus.
  • A Book Fair is annually organized by OBK to increase students' interest in reading and improve their achievements.
  • Grade Twelve students yearly organize a "Bake Sale" on campus to fund their prom.
  • OBK usually organizes a Goodbye party for the Seniors yearly.

School Yearbook

  • OBK  publishes a yearbook  to record, highlight, and commemorate the past year of school..Much effort and funding goes into the process of making the yearbook. This is because it benefits the school, students, and staff members in multiple ways.
  • Our Yearbook promotes a sense of school pride and unity. The cover and pages of the book are often covered in school colors, emblems, and mottoes, serving to remind students, teachers and staff members of a shared purpose. Our Yearbook features sections devoted to student accomplishments in athletics, academics, and community service.