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Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES) Participation

We, at OBK, encourage students yearly to participate in various scholarship programs in Lebanon and abroad. Youth Exchange and Study program (YES) is a program that is administrated by AMIDEAST/ Lebanon, where students move to USA, attend grade 11 in an American high school, and engage in activities to learn about the US society and values. Through this program, our students also get the opportunity to educate Americans and the host families about Lebanon and its culture.

Model United Nations Program (MUN)

At OBK, our students participate yearly in the Model United Nations program (MUN) organized by LAU University. MUN is an academic activity where our students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. Through this program, our students demonstrate high level of collaboration, togetherness, teamwork, and positive engagement with people and politics. They also demonstrate a smart way of tackling issues.

Our MUN delegates usually win Position Paper Awards, as well as the Diplomacy Award. The Diplomacy Award is given to those who seek to empathize and understand the issue they’re given in their committee and the ones who understand and collaborate with their fellow delegates in order to make positive changes and advanced resolutions. Position papers are a critical part of the preparation. They require delegates to illustrate their knowledge of the agenda topics at hand, affirm the positions their country takes on these topics, and recommend courses of action to effectively address contemporary global problems.

Induction Program

OBK induction program is a comprehensive and multiyear process designed to train and retain new teachers. Its goal is to provide a systematic structure to support mentees. This program assists them with information about the system and processes that guide them to adapt to the culture of a new workplace, as well as school norms. This stand-alone program is followed by continued mentoring throughout their first year.

This systematic induction program is part of the teacher’s professional development, designed to reduce anxiety, increase engagement, increase knowledge, improve his/her teaching skills and thus boost new teacher retention rates.

The induction program goes beyond understanding students, classes, and curriculum; it is a set of instructional workshops to help new teachers adapt easily to the school environment, yet it has to be supplemented with a guiding toolkit.