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Secondary School

Secondary education plays a fundamental role in helping students choose their ways and directions of lives. Our Secondary School team supports students academically and emotionally to prepare them to become responsible and lifelong learners.

OBK Secondary School offers a three-year program, Grades 10, 11, & 12, which prepares the students to sit for the Lebanese Baccalaureate Official Exams at the end of Grade 12.

The main subjects including Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are taught in English, while Social Studies and Islamic Education are taught in Arabic.

Depending on students’ school final grades, Grade 10 students are placed either in the Sociology and Economics Section or in the Scientific Section in the following academic year. At the end of Grade 11, and according to students’ school grades, students are placed in Sociology and Economics Section or Life Sciences Section in Grade 12.

The quality of teaching and learning offered to OBK students assures that they are accepted at renowned universities whether local ones or worldwide.

We are always proud of our OBK graduates and their achievements.