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Islamic Education

Raising faithful youngsters who strongly believe in Islam and devotedly follow its teachings has always been a major goal in both Makassed, our motherly association, and our school.

Islamic education is daily reinforced at our school through immersing our students since a very young age in the teaching of the Islam pillars, laws, and behaviors

and the tajweed of the Holy Qur’an. The celebration of the religious occasions has its large share in our scholastic life, in which our school choir of talented chanters trained by professional spread the voice of reason, faith and piety.

By the end of the sixth grade, our students receive their Qur’an recitation certification in a sumptuous ceremony gathering all Makassedians to celebrate their achievement. This teaching continues till grade 12 and hence graduation. In addition, the Islamic Education Unit organizes competitions in the acquisition of Prophet Mohammad Hadith and Quranic recitation in Beirut and rural schools for students in middle school.

In line with its vision, Makassed Islamic Education Unit is dedicated to help learners reach their utmost potential, based on 21st century skills. We aim to teach Islamic ethics and norms in an interactive learning environment that aligns with Islamic values in real life situations. The goals of Islamic education are achieved through a comprehensive competency-based curriculum and effective integration of technology.

Based on its mission, Makassed Islamic Education Unit aims to help learners become effective citizens who are committed to Islamic religion, through understanding and appreciating Islamic values.

We use an educational kit published in-house entitled “Ana Muslim” for kindergarten learners. For primary classes and above, we also use our in-house published books. We have recently adopted a program for special need students to integrate Islamic Education into their curriculum in the elementary cycle through a series entitled “Noor Darby” which is published in – house since academic year 2020-2021.