Advocacy program

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Advocacy Program

At OBK, students have the right to share their opinions and express themselves in a safe environment where they can meet in groups with an adult advocate. The advocacy program aims to support students emotionally, socially and academically. The key objective is to foster students’ personal growth, promote their engagement at school, and build a relationship of trust with teachers and staff. Advocacy sessions are devoted to learning and practicing valuable life skills to help students achieve their utmost potential and become responsible citizens.

Benefits of the Advocacy Program

Advocacy program helps students:

  • become active members in their school environment and society
  • develop their communication and leadership skills
  • build self-confidence and self-motivation
  • build a healthy relationship based on respect to students and teachers
  • have at least one adult at school who acts exclusively on their behalf for support

Advocacy Program Structure

The class advisor serves as the primary advocate for her/his students. The counselor, the supervisor, and the head of division are the secondary advocates. For preschool, students can choose one of their teachers as their advocate. Students have an easy access to their advocates, and they can refer to them during recess, the advocate’s free hours, or via email. These advocacy sessions take place at least once per month during the school hours for 50 minutes.