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OBK believes that early childhood education is the most important phase of development.

Our Childhood Education Program is a three-year program for children aged 3, 4, and 5 (KG1, KG2, & KG3), in which they feel loved, emotionally secured, and individually valued.

We, at OBK, address all the areas of children development equally and provide a rich curriculum that emphasizes languages, Arabic and English, and a variety of pre-literacy, pre-numeracy, motor, emotional and social development activities with a close and collaborative relationship between our staff members and parents.

OBK also offers other programs to preschoolers.

ICT Program

This program allows our children to develop various skills. Primarily, they promote skills related to the use of computers like tactile, auditory and visual abilities.

Protect-ED Program

This newly implemented program is a safety education program, which ensures that every child receives the high-quality preventative safety education he or she deserves.

STEM Program

In preschool, OBK kids apply STEM through activities and projects.

This program helps trained teachers to build students’ self-regulation skills, nurture their creativity and curiosity, and foster an environment of meaningful learning.