School Life

School Life      Extra-Curricular Activities, Clubs, and Athletics

Extra-Curricular Activities, Clubs, and Athletics

At OBK, we believes that extracurricular activities provide great opportunities where our students can interact with others and improve their social skills. They also provide students with a chance to practice their hobbies, and excel in performing them.

OBK students take part in national and international conferences, competitions, science fairs, and drama/music competitions. Field trips, both educational and recreational, are scheduled yearly where students visit theaters , museums, historical sites, art exhibitions, book fairs, and factories .Clubs are also established yearly, and students are encouraged to join them.


Physical education is an important part of the school’s curriculum.  OBK students are assessed in their athletic abilities at the beginning of the preschool level. In the elementary school, physical education classes aim to develop motor coordination and balance skills.  In the middle and secondary school, PE classes focus on the techniques required for both team and individual sports. 

 Competitions among Makassed schools are regularly organized promoting student participation in athletics and sportsmanship. OBK’s teams compete locally and internationally in football, basketball, volleyball, and handball competitions.


Religion Club

Al Farouk Religion Club

OBK has established “Al Farouk Religion Club” which has the slogan “Keep God to Keep you”. In this club, students from preschool and cycles 1 and 2 meet on Fridays to do different interesting activities.


OBK Environment Club

For more than ten years, OBK Environment Club has been flourishing. Students from all cycles participate in different environmental activities and work hard to keep OBK a healthy, green and safe place.


Arts & Cooking Club

At OBK, we have the Arts & Cooking Club. Interested kids in this club learn how to draw, color, pain, and make crafts. They also learn how to cook and prepare certain kinds of food in easy and fun ways.


Sports Clubs

At OBK, interested students can join basketball, handball, gymnastics, or football clubs in which they exercise and have opportunities to represent the school in various sports events and learn new core skills.